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April 4, 2003
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VISUAL ARTS: An artistic jack-of-many-trades

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Chuck Bowdish

Galerie Timothy Tew, 309 E. Paces Ferry Road, Suite 130. 404-869-0511.

The verdict:

A breakthrough show for this artist.

Chuck Bowdish combines emotional appeal with technical versatility, and that alone should be enough to guarantee enthusiasm on the part of art collectors. Several watercolors that depict a reclining female nude posed in a landscape under a full moon have the air of mystery of the early Samuel Palmer crossed with Albert Pinkham Ryder.

At the opposite end of the figurative spectrum, Bowdish's paintings of white clouds and blue skies over golden beaches are irresistibly cheerful. His smaller paintings of girls with birds have a more elusive quality of lyric celebration, suggesting domesticity without falling into sentimentality. His small bronze figure sculptures are creditable examples of the genre.

That's quite a lot for one artist to provide, and Bowdish provides some parts of it more successfully than others. But the whole of it is likely to attract buyers, and the inconsistency lies in the depth of vision, not the technical facility. This New York-based artist has demonstrated great ability to move forward on all fronts.

Photo: ''Pink Dress Sparrow or Girl in Pink'' (2002) by Chuck Bowdish.

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